L’Oréal is honored with several Awards of Excellence by the Law and Business Ethics Chair of Cergy-Pontoise University in France

Press releases L’Oréal is honored with several Awards of Excellence by the Law and Business Ethics Chair of Cergy-Pontoise University in France

Clichy – 18 May 2018 – During the 10th year anniversary celebration of the Law and Business Ethics Chair in Paris, L’Oréal was honored to receive the Award of Excellence for its actions with regards to business ethics and governance in the following categories: Ethical Governance, Ethical Leadership and Ethical Influencer.

The Law and Business Ethics Chair is recognized in Europe for its academic excellence. L’Oréal is proud to support ethics as a study discipline of choice

said Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal.


It is essential to accelerate the development of a European school of thought on ethics, the production and dissemination of knowledge and training are crucial for the future, and L’Oréal is honored to play its part

said Emmanuel Lulin, Senior Vice-President and Chief Ethics Officer of L’Oréal, who received the first Ethical Influencer Award of Honor.

In 2018, L’Oréal was recognized for the 9th time by Ethisphere as one of the 2018 World’s Most Ethical Companies, and ranked #1 worldwide of its category by Covalence.

The Law and Business Ethics Chair is the first academic Chair in France bringing together academics and business professionals on a common theme in order to develop scientific and academic activities related to ethics, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and compliance. Its aim is to encourage responsible corporate behavior of businesses with their stakeholders and environment. Moreover, created in 2007, the Law and Business Ethics Masters aims to offer a training program of choice with regards a new function allowing companies to integrate professionals who can accompany them. To find out more: http://www.chaireethiquedesaffaires.fr/pg/inenglish.php


About Ethics at L’Oréal

A company’s behavior is as important as its economic performance or the quality of its products. L’Oréal was built on strong ethical principles that guide its development and contribute to building its reputation: Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency. These principles are namely the foundation of the Group’s policies in terms of compliance, responsible innovation, environmental stewardship, social and societal responsibility, and philanthropy. L’Oréal’s ambition is to be an exemplary company worldwide and integrate ethics into the very heart of its business practices.

  • In 2000, L’Oréal was one of the first companies in France to establish a Code of Ethics and to appoint, in 2007, a Chief Ethics
  • In 2008, L’Oréal’s Chairman and CEO, Jean-Paul Agon, received the prestigious Stanley C. Pace Leadership in Ethics
  • In 2014, L’Oréal launched the 3rd edition of its Code of Ethics, which is now available in 45 languages and in Braille in English and in French, as well as a new ethics e-learning in 22 languages.
  • In 2015, L’Oréal’s Senior Vice-President and Chief Ethics Officer, Emmanuel Lulin, received the prestigious Carol. R. Marshall Innovation in Ethics Award
  • In 2017, L’Oréal received the Transparency Grand Prix for its Code of Ethics (Grand Prix de la Transparence – Charte Éthique). It is the first time that this prize was
  • L’Oréal is a Global Compact LEAD company, one of the 100 companies included in the Global Compact 100 stock index, a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles, an initiative of UN Women and the UN Global Compact and supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • L’Oréal organizes an annual Ethics Day where employees from around the world can chat online with L’Oréal’s Chairman and CEO and their country General Manager about


For more information on ethics at  L’Oréal: http://www.loreal.com/group/governance/acting- ethically.aspx


About L’Oréal

L’Oréal has devoted itself to beauty for over 100 years. With its unique international portfolio of 34 diverse and complementary brands, the Group generated sales amounting to 26.06 billion euros in 2017 and employs 82 600 people worldwide. As the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal is present across all distribution networks: mass market, department stores, pharmacies and drugstores, hair salons, travel retail, branded retail and e-commerce.

Research and innovation, and a dedicated research team of 3 885 people, are at the core of L’Oréal’s strategy, working to meet beauty aspirations all over the world. L’Oréal’s sustainability commitment for 2020 “Sharing Beauty With All” sets out ambitious sustainable development objectives across the Group’s value chain. www.loreal.com


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