L’Oréal Nihon establishes “Materials Innovation Center” with National Institute for Materials Science to accelerate innovation

News L’Oréal Nihon establishes “Materials Innovation Center” with National Institute for Materials Science to accelerate innovation

On July 20,  L’Oréal Nihon together with the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) held a signing ceremony for the establishment of L’ORÉAL-NIMS Materials Innovation Center for Science and Beauty. As the first cosmetics company to establish a joint research center with NIMS, L’Oréal Nihon will accelerate made in Japan customer-centric open innovation and create innovative products to meet diverse consumer needs.

L’Oréal Nihon’s Research and Innovation Center in Kawasaki City is a strategic innovation hub for L’Oréal. It covers the entire scientific innovation chain, from advanced and applied research, to product development and evaluation. NIMS is Japan’s sole national laboratory dedicated to materials science. The aim of the collaborative center is to create breakthrough scientific solutions, which will be providing significant performance improvements of cosmetic products for Skin and Hair.

The new joint research center will be able to draw both from the advanced scientific research for new materials, which is a hallmark of the NIMS, as well as from L’Oreal’s extended knowledge in Skin, Hair and product science. It will help to substantially accelerate the transfer from principal scientific insights into marketed products.

During the first three-year plan period (2018-2020), the joint research center will concentrate on creating and utilizing smart polymers, for Hair Care products which will address consumer needs in areas such as hair styling and color. Thereafter, possibility of using novel materials for advanced skin care and protection will also be considered. In addition, L’Oréal Nihon will also be able to obtain new insights in the structure and functional mechanism of cosmetic materials, through the use of a wide range of NIMS’ cutting-edge analytical facilities. First product launches, using smart polymer technology and knowledge are planned in less than four years from now. Approximately 150 million yen will be invested over the coming three years.

Under the company’s vision and values “Empowering All to Live Beautifully. From the World to Japan. From Japan to the World,” L’Oréal Nihon Research & Innovation Center, positioned as a strategic innovation hub, has offered revolutionary products transforming beauty rituals based on its more than 35 years of research achievements in hair care, skincare, and makeup products.

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