L’Oréal’s Citizen Day: The 9th edition to rally 5,000 employees and 200 associations

Press releases L’Oréal’s Citizen Day: The 9th edition to rally 5,000 employees and 200 associations

Clichy, 5 June 2018 – L'Oréal’s Citizen Day on June 19th will engage in France 5,000 employees for this annual day of community volunteering. Employees will devote their work time to support non-profit social and environmental organisations through a wide range of initiatives such as well-being workshops for the elderly, renovating centres for disadvantaged individuals, providing support to young social entrepreneurs and working in urban gardens.

Over the past nine years, Citizen Day has given L’Oréal employees an opportunity to actively embody the Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and help associations in their work to assist underprivileged people and promote a more sustainable world. We are proud to see each year more employees engaged in this the one-day outreach campaign

said Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal.


More than 30,000 employees involved around the globe

L’Oréal organises Citizen Day every year in nearly 70 countries. The event brings together employees from all L’Oréal subsidiaries at every level of the company. More and more people have been taking part since 2010, with participation reaching 20,000 in 2013 to nearly 30,000 in 2017.

Worldwide, this mobilisation of 30,000 employees represents some 170,000 volunteer hours. This collective support for 700 associations is a source of pride for all of us. Citizen Day is a cornerstone of the company’s culture alongside other community based activities.

says Alexandra Palt, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer of L’Oréal.


Three Citizen Day initiatives

Among the 216 projects organised with 200 associations, three notable examples:

  1. In partnership with the association Unis Cité, 100 L’Oréal employees at L’Oréal’s headquarters near Paris, will coach young people who have finished their civic service and are looking for a job, by helping them to build on their experience and skills.
  2. In the Somme Bay in northern France, 150 employees will clean the beach with the help of staff at the Marquenterre Nature Reserve, and build nesting boxes for birds.
  3. Citizen Day is also an opportunity to help associations that L’Oréal supports all year-round. For instance, 25 employees will visit the Simplon site in Montreuil, just outside Paris, to work with under-qualified and unemployed people who benefit from the association’s digital training courses.

Employee engagement is a new form of voluntary work. It is wonderful to see companies like L’Oréal, a pioneer in the field, support social initiatives like the Simplon project. This allows us to promote the cause while strengthening employees’ pride and sense of belonging

says Frédéric Bardeau, Simplon CEO and co-founder.


Citizen Day – key figures

Key figures for France in 2018

5,000 employees

200 associations

40,000 volunteer hours

Key figures worldwide in 2017

30,000 employees

68 countries

707 associations

166,000 volunteer hours



About L’Oréal

L’Oréal has devoted itself to beauty for over 100 years. With its unique international portfolio of 34 diverse and complementary brands, the Group generated sales amounting to 26.02 billion euros in 2017 and employs 82 600 people worldwide. As the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal is present across all distribution networks: mass market, department stores, pharmacies and drugstores, hair salons, travel retail, branded retail and e-commerce.

Research and innovation, and a dedicated research team of 3 885 people, are at the core of L’Oréal’s strategy, working to meet beauty aspirations all over the world. L’Oréal’s sustainability commitment for 2020 “Sharing Beauty With All” sets out ambitious sustainable development objectives across the Group’s value chain.

For more information: https://www.loreal.com/sustainability/l’or%C3%A9al-citizen-day


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